"This lady is a big breath of fresh air in our cynical age."  

--John Nichols



(University of New Mexico Press)

Foreword by Ronald H. Cohen, Preface by John Nichols

Introduced to international folk music at an early age, Jenny Vincent believed strongly in social advocacy, which she expressed through song. Born in Minnesota and raised near Chicago, Jenny moved to northern New Mexico with her first husband in 1936 at the invitation of D.H. Lawrence's widow. Enchanted with the place and its people, she has remained there ever since. Jenny performed with such luminaries as Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Malvina Reynolds, and Earl Robinson, all social activists who used music as a voice for world peace, civil rights, and human rights. She later supported such causes as the Salt of the Earth strike, American Indian rights, and the rising Chicano movement. Through it all Jenny raised a family and continued her music. In 2007 she was honored by both the University of New Mexico and the New Mexico State Division of Historic Preservation for her six decades of efforts to promote and preserve the music and culture of New Mexico.

"This excellent biography portrays the life of a courageous woman . . . who moved from a privileged background . . . to a far more challenging environment in the desert Southwest. Using interviews with Jenny Vincent (and other fresh material), Craig Smith brings vividly to life her long journey . . . I highly recommend this rich, carefully researched biography." -- Michael Squires, Amazon.com

"In addition to being a solid personal biography, Sing My Whole Life Long is a capsule view of a time in this country when inequality actually caused large numbers of people to become angry and form movements and act to right wrongs." -- Sing Out magazine.

"Like its subject . . . there is something melodious and captivating in Smith's book." -- Santa Fe New Mexican.

"The life of Jenny Vincent would make a rousing motion picture, complete with intrigue, adventure, romance, tragedy, and political statement." -- The Taos News.

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This cycle of more than 60 poems celebrates the life and music of Dave Brubeck, one of the giants of jazz history and a brilliant and innovative musician who has created one of the great bodies of work in all of music. He was, as well, an international ambassador for peace and understanding among peoples. Paintings by Lynda Smith. 

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Novelist, poet, essayist, translator Cesare Pavese (1908-1950) was a towering figure of twentieth century Italian letters. This volume gathers his final poetic output -- the two short series "Earth and Death" and "Death Will Come and Will Have Your Eyes" -- with accompanying English translations by international poet Patrizia de Rachewiltz and Craig Smith, with ink drawings by Lynda Smith. 

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The game is afoot! To enter the pages of Proud Shoes is to encounter variations on a lifelong obsession, one that is footloose and fancy free, a flight into the unchartered world of untamed tongues and loosened laces. Herein lies history, mystery, fun, fashion, fitness, fantasy, innuendo, and intrigue. Poems by Craig Smith, photos and drawings by Lynda Smith.

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"You might turn your attention to praising Venice, the one and only true miracle of nature," said the famed Venetian courtesan and poet Veronica Franco. So it is in this volume--the incomparable city as seen through the eyes and lens of two of its devoted admirers. The result is a highly personal visit to the city. 

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